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Request a Training

About Our Trainings:

The ACES Coalition of West Virginia provides two levels of training.  The first is an ACES 101 Awareness Training provided in a 15 minute or 1 hour format that introduces the concept of Adverse Childhood Experiences through awareness and education.  It is the foundation or first step before attending a Connections Matter resiliency training.  Connections Matter offers interactive, evidence-based workshops longer in length (2, 4 or 8 hours) that explain how stress impacts the brain and why relationships improve individual and community well-being. Attendees leave with practical ideas for taking action in their work, faith, neighborhood and friend networks. 

There are Two Options to Schedule a Trainer:


  • Complete the form on this page and we will connect you with an ACEs 101 presenter (1 hour) and/or a Connections Matter trainer (2, 4 or 8 hours).


  • Contact the following Certified Connections Matter Trainers in your area by clicking on the Download Trainer List button and contacting them directly.